Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Brand New Year- And New Classes for this Blog!

The "Live and Learn" blog now belongs to a brand new team of 6th graders.

Stay tuned for student guest bloggers, great video and pictures of students at work, and amazing links.

A new adventure is about to begin...

Thank you for taking the journey with us
Mrs. Hake


♥Grace♥ said...

Mrs.Hake I miss you!!!! But we can stay in touch with email!! Hopefully see you around Goedde misses you too!! :) Grace Nemec

♥Bea♥ said...

I miss you too Mrs.Hake!! Hope we can e-mail each other!☺

Bea Kuhn

♥Bea♥ said...

Mrs.Hake you are awesome! I got advanced on the MAP test! No wonder a kid in your calss got 100% on the MAP!