Friday, September 9, 2011

Hi Fellow Bloggers:

This is Becky and I am in Mrs. Hake's class. Every one in her class had to do a timeline piece which had to include an important event that happened in history between 1600-1700 and it had to include a drawing, a diagram, a map, or a picture. Then you had to share your piece in front of the class. If your grade was 100%, then you had a good chance to get it on the timeline. The timeline is a huge piece of yellow piece of paper on the wall outside of Mrs. Hake's room. If your piece got on the wall that is great because that means you did what Mrs. Hake expected. If yours didn't get on the timeline, thats ok- it probably means that there were too many people on the timeline or you just missed some points.

There are pictures of the timeline above.

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